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23 April 2014

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19 April

  • New website!

Hello Necrocians & Blazers,

We are proud to introduce you this new website, our site has been offline for a while and we know it has been frustrating for you guys because you couldn't vote, donate and much more.
Today we launch this new website with limited features which are being added by time and step by step.

This new website carries a high level protection and security system that shouldn't cause any trouble.
At this moment you'll be able to create a new account, login, vote, donate, change password for the website & game, change email and set various holiday settings.

The other features are currently still disabled and we are doing our best to get them out asap, you may notice changes from time to time, this is all part of the developing process!
For now, enjoy the new look and responsive design and let us know bugs you encounter*.

~BlazeGN Team

*Disabled features do not count as bugs